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I come before You ashamed of a lot of things I do as Your child, that I know I shouldn’t do. Forgive me. Help me rise above my addictions. Help me rise above all that keeps me bound and far from Your presence. Help me to detest sin that makes me comfortable but shames what You did on the cross for me.

I am desperate, but Abba, I am weak.

Perfect You strength in me.

In Jesus’ Name,


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I have always wondered why Judah’s house was chosen for the birth of the Saviour rather than Joseph’s. We all know Judah – one of the 12 sons of Jacob who suggested to his brothers that Joseph, their brother, should be sold as a slave to the Ishmaelites going to Egypt, just because they were envious of him. This means Judah must have been, at least at the time, somewhat wicked and cunning, as he suggested his own brother be made a slave, when they shared in the inheritance of the Most High. So, why then will the Lord choose Judah’s house to build His church and not that of Joseph, who was the victim, and had proved himself loyal? Well, the answer to the question is rather simple. The ways of the Lord are not our ways, and God does not mind using the one that everyone has no hope…

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And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” [Acts 19:15]

As children of God who have chosen the narrow path, we cannot leave our lives and our actions to chances. Every single thing we do should have been assessed and analyzed, by the help of the Holy Spirit. Our lives must be lived with caution and with a purpose; as Matthew 10:16 asks us to be “as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” We gave up the option to live anyhow we want, when we surrendered our lives to Christ Jesus, and asked Him to be the Lord it.

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I have been reading the book of Jeremiah for a while now and I took an immediate liking to this Prophet who was chosen by the Lord at a very young age. His story makes me know that the Lord does not care about a person’s status, gender, race, age etc. As long as you avail yourself to Him and He finds you pleasing in His eyes, He will use you. This story however is for another day.

Today I want to talk about something in Jeremiah 26 and 28, that caught my attention.

Jeremiah 26:

This chapter talks about the time when Jeremiah was threatened with death because He spoke of the pending doom of Judah should they not turn away from their wicked ways. These words he spoke did not sit well with the people of Judah, the priests and prophets who laid hands on him and threatened…

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That Woman, she!


Immortal scripts

Alright, given,  she is an awesome work of art. Slender, well contoured physique and a smile that breathes divinity but this picture is the best I have seen of her and one of the most poetic I have ever come across.

fb_img_14821514727178877Picture Credit:

This simple picture of my dear pal NJ staring into the oblivion of the sea as she stretches her lips of the horizon to kiss the river bank emanates such tranquility that I can literally feel my heartbeat tip-toe. The floating raft  steadily poking her head out of the calm waters illustrate stability but the most fascinating illustration in this picture is my lady NJ.

Her poise, her charm, her grace- the confidence and surety of the future the universe offers her is such a beauty. The assured stare into the future with her back turned on the past. Oh! What an illustration.

Life offers inspiration with…

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For You, Monkey


Some people come into your life to stay

Others for the journey

When you find those who are made to be part of you,

You make them your priority

And keep them with you forever

Monkey is the synonym for Stephen Kwaku Larbi Darkoh Junior. A pint size man who has had the greatest influence in my life since 2012. We met through our mutual love for creative arts and as I am usually drawn to the misfits and weirdos, we became friends.

Throughout our bond, we have had our ups and downs. They have not always been pretty but we grew stronger with each flaw. We have now gotten to the point where we will make sacrifices for each other no matter what. This must be a fraction of the unconditional love the Lord has for us.

There is so much I have to say about Monkey but I’d rather not. I like knowing that I know a part of him people do not know. Even though he is now taken and on the way to discover a new life with his beloved, I believe I will always hold a portion of his heart like he will mine.

People like Monkey redefine your standards and have you reassessing your values. They set you on high and make you believe in yourself.

If there is one thing I will always be grateful to POETS for, it is the fact that I met Monkey through them.

On this day where you celebrate your birthday, I wish you all the happiness and joy you deserve and do not not deserve.


Love you always.

Donkey aka stubborn mule

A Thankful Heart, A Grateful Spirit

Father Lord, how I love You!
Father Lord, how I thank You!
Father Lord, how I adore You!
Father Lord, how I appreciate You!

You are more than wonderful.
Your love for us is indescribable.
You have so many reasons to be unfaithful and disloyal to us
Yet You choose to love and protect us.
Your love for us is unconditional.
It is so wide and deep.
It is immeasurable.

Jehovah Overdo!
Jehovah Elshaddai!
Jehovah my lover lover!
Jehovah Extraordinaire!
Jehovah Nissi!
Jehovah Elyon!
Odo Yewu!
Awurade kese!
Ah Baba!
Me nko me nko anaa!
Hwan na )ti s3 wo!
Me d) baako p3!

I want to thank You for preventing the cars from hitting my 2 year old nephew this morning.
I thank You for listening to my 2 minutes prayer of protection this morning.
I thank You Baba for saving me and my entire family from such tragedy.
So on this day, I renew my vows with You.
And I say, “me and my family shall serve the Lord all our lives”.

Thank You once more.

From:  A Thankful Heart and a Grateful Spirit

Injection Room

Whenever I have a cold, cough and sore throat, I do either of these three things.

1. Ignore it and let it go as it came.
2. Get some cough syrup, lozenges etc.
3. Declare a fruit diet. 

This time however, it felt different. I was nauseous; my entire body was hurting; my throat felt so raw; my mouth was bitter  and I was very cold. So I decided to visit the doctor. Something I will never do for a common cold.

At the Hospital

I had a coughing fit in the consulting room and afterwards, the doctor was like I already know what is wrong with you. We shared a laugh and he started asking me questions. He seemed to have seen this ailment a lot because he mentioned most of the symptoms I was experiencing. He later had me open my mouth and stick my tongue out like a moron so he could check my throat. According to him, my throat was inflamed and I had to take some tests at the Lab.

After the tests, I was diagnosed with a bacteria infection which required me taking two injections. I had not taken injections in 13 years so it was a little unnerving. The doctor asked me if I was okay with the injection. And he laughed at me saying he does not want to hear me screaming. I smiled, thanked him and went to the pharmacy. The pharmacist after looking through the prescription told me he had a surprise for me. He handed me the drugs for the injection and smiled. 

At the Injection Room

I must say, I was a bit nervous. The last time I had an injection was 13 years ago which was a vaccine for hepatitis B. I knew even before I got to the hospital that I was going to be injected but it was just a thought I hoped wouldn’t materialize. But well;  the Law of Attraction says we attract what we think. So maybe I brought this upon myself. In my mind, I wanted to tell the nurse I will opt for oral drugs than the injection but I could not risk my reputation. I could not let them know that injections frighten me a bit. I was also not ready to see the smug look on the doctor’s face so I had to take it like a woman.  

The injection did hurt a bit and the medicine inside my body was slightly painful. It was however an instant relief to which I was very thankful. My butt cheeks were on fire as I walked to the pharmacy for my drugs. The pharmacist laughed at me the minute I got to him and I managed to laugh also.

I’d be damned if I allowed anyone in the hospital to know.

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